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These days people are rushing on the streets, talking on mobile phones, playing portable computer games, listening to loud music on Ipods, or texting each other on Blackberries, while grabbing burgers and fries to go. You start to think people take on an "I don't care" attitude toward the feeling and sensitivity of others. I will not believe this to be true, people really do care. It is just that people are not paying attention to the wants and needs of those around them.

Not only kids, but adults, too, need to learn and re-learn the art of conversation (not gossiping). We must take a step back, slow down, and remember how to be nice to each other and how to communicate with each other in a comfortable and respectable manner.

My mission is to teach good manners to anyone who believes that treating people with respect is important, and that with a little polishing, he or she can become a better person both personally and professionally. Making this world a better place to live starts with one person at a time, in one small town at a time. Not only do I want you to feel comfortable making introductions, but I want you to be the first person at the dinner table to pick up the fork and knife, and not have to wait and watch until someone else does it. I want you to be confident enough that if the president of a local company or the President of the United States sits down at the same table, you can hold your own.

My curriculum will develop your potential so that you are the best you can be. It has all the information necessary to become a confident, professional person. As a mother of three very young children, I care about the future and strive for this world to be a peaceful place. I truly feel in order to do this, we must all go back to the basics – know your manners, respect your elders, and feel good about the person you really are.

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