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Janie C. Brady is the Founder and Director of Louisiana Academy
of Etiquette and Protocol. Offered through the academy, her
courses are designed to bring back the “Art of Southern
which is currently being depleted from our society.

She has trained and been certified through the Academy of
Etiquette and Protocol® in Orlando, Florida, which focuses on
teaching proper skills that show confidence, leadership, respect and

Janie attended the John Robert Powers School of Modeling and Personal Development, New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1984, as a student at the University of New Orleans, she began instructing children in personal development. While residing in southern California for seven years, she obtained an extensive background in marketing and advertising.

Janie is a board member of Cerebral Palsy of South Louisiana and a former board member of the SJI Scholarship Committee. She also keeps busy in numerous fundraising organizations, raising three children with husband Todd and volunteering at local church and school functions.

Her curriculum includes not only classes in manners for children but also adult social and business etiquette. The mission of Louisiana Academy of Etiquette & Protocol is to empower students to be successful in all areas of life by equipping them with proper social behavior and business professionalism, while at the same time improving their overall self image.



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